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Scalable Fundraising
Through Online Marketing.
We help non-profits focus on their mission by ensuring their campaigns are fully funded.
In just 6 months, we've helped IslamInSpanish raise more than $1.1 Million to build the only Latino-Muslim-led Islamic Center in the U.S.
How 1WEB Helps You Meet Your Fundraising Goals
We craft Customized Fundraising Funnels to automatically generate new & recurring donors for your organization. Our advertising campaigns target millions of your dream donors wherever they hang out online, educates and nurtures them on your cause, and convinces them to take action. We work with nonprofits, community organizations, and educators of all shapes and sizes to establish authority—helping them better communicate and achieve their mission's purpose.

We do this through the following activities:
• Branding & Web Design
• Social Media Marketing
• Video Content Creation
• Fundraising Funnel Implementation & Design
• Copywriting
• Retargeting Campaigns
• Email Marketing Sequences
• Continuous Full-Funnel Optimization
• Google Ad Grants
More Success Stories
“1WEB has been collaborative and responsive to us and, with their support, we’ve been able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last 3 months alone and their
team has brought in millions of dollars for our organization in 2019."
— Maeen Ali, President at Mercy Bakery
"1WEB was able to provide feedback that enhanced our growth as an organization and helped us grow our donation revenue to a level that we would not expect to reach within a short period of time!"

— Habib Ali, Project Manager at MyFundAction
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